The Recall of a Memory – Artist Book 2011

The Recall of a Memory  (2011)
Cover: Glue, gel medium, spray foam, aerosol, and dry transfer letters
Pages: Laundry lint with remains of the human and social contact, plastic bags, aerosol, glue, thread, and ink.

The Recall of a Memory (2011) is part three of a series of five artist books exploring and experimenting with the idea of Memory.

In this book I attempted to illustrate the process of what a brain/mind/imagination might do when searching, plotting, and recalling a memory.

I used collections of dryer lint from the last 6 months in plastic bags for the pages. Each bundle or page has a collective and extracted memory of my time interacting with the environment and the people that make it up. On each page I have provided specific views or windows into the collections that stimulate a recall more than others. As the collections move within the bags so to is the recall affected.


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